Our Mission
Himalayan Corporation aspires to become the most prominent company in the pet industry while maintaining and building on our reputation for innovative, healthy, and high quality products.
To ensure we uphold these standards in each new enterprise, we are driven by a set of core values:

  • Provide exceptional customer service
  • Treat employees with the utmost respect
  • Produce and sell products of the highest quality
  • Maximize savings, satisfaction, and value for our customer
  • Fuel growth through customer referrals, innovation, and reputation
  • Actively impact the community through our presence and charitable contributions

Himalayan Corporation embodies a collection of diverse pet products with the highest aspirations.

OUR VISION is to be recognized and respected for producing the healthiest and highest quality pet food and products in the world.

the barking bulletin

We have initiated a voluntary recall on Ruff Roots sold by Petsmart due the amount of metal on them. Products affected were only sold through Petsmart and are identified as LOT numbers:
Ruff Root Sprout - LOT# SP001
Ruff Root Stump - LOT# ST001
Ruff Root Stalk - LOT# SA001
‚ÄčAny Ruff Roots purchased from Petsmart may be returned to them. All other Ruff Roots are of quality standard and are not part of the recall. If you have any questions please contact info@himalayandogchew.com




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   for animals:  13

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for humans:  3
for animals:  58

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