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Vanessa R.F. from San Diego on Nov 11, 2014

My dear 14 month old Pug has several food allergies. She can't have grains or sweet potatoes, so there goes most of her treats and all of her dental chews, they contain tapioca starch, rice, malt. So, I was worried about he health of her teeth without the dental chews. This yak dog chew is the best! No oder, no left over sticky goopy end of a bully stick, just fresh breath and a long lasting chew that takes 3 weeks to a month to last. That's because I give her the up to 55 lb. size even thought she is only 16 lbs. She handles it well. I suggest getting a size up.

Susanna Schaenzer from Eugene on Nov 09, 2014

my Pups love them! I have Australian shepherds and they sure do keep them busy!

Danelle from Southern California on Sep 23, 2014

I gave my 10 year old large Lab mix and my 3 month old German Shepherd puppy each a large Himalayan dog chew 3 days ago. They both loved them and have been chewing on them for hours off and on with a little less than half of the chews left. Neither of the dogs have shown signs of upset stomach or loose stools. There is no bad odor and no staining. My Lab mix is a moderate to medium chewer and my German Shepherd puppy is an aggressive chewer. I will definitely be buying more of these. Excellent product!

Dorrie from Chicago, IL. on Sep 17, 2014

My two Cairin Terriers love the snack. I bought the larger bones and they were too heavy and large for the dogs to eat. So, I microwaved the bones for 1.5 minutes on a high number like 8 minutes. Well, it swelled 2X the size of the original bone. I took a soft mallet, in a Zip Lock, and smashed the large bones so they would be small chunks. My dogs are crazy for a nibble or 2 chunks per day. And I think they are more safer then any dog treat in the market-place ! I love the product that I gave chunks of it to my friends who have dogs, and they are also buying it as a treat for their pets too! What a great product !! Dorrie

Laura from LOUISVILLE, CO on Sep 05, 2014

My 50-lb dog is a very strong chewer. I used to give her raw beef bones. They did clean up her teeth well but always resulted in stinky farts and very loose stools. I tried other chews such as bullies but she got through them in minutes. Then I discovered these chews. They USED to last her days, but lately, they don't take much more than an hour for her to get through the under-70 lb size. Given that so many farmers make this product, is it possible some are short-cutting the curing process or altering the ingredients in such a way that some are softer than others? These chews were a relatively good buy when they lasted a long time, but very expensive when lasting a very short time.

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